Nature walks at Thali Thali

Unguided fynbos walks

A must for all nature enthusiasts

Nature Trails

This affords guests the ultimate, close to the wild experience and a chance to focus on the smaller inhabitants including birds, insects and smaller animals.

It also provides the opportunity to discover the interesting world of our fynbos, grasses and flowers.
Please report to the front desk before embarking on your journey on foot.
Also, please be aware of the possible danger of certain of the species, wear comfortable shoes and take water with you – walks are strictly at own risk.


Thali Thali West Coast Nature Trails consist of:

– Giraffe Trail 11km
– Eland Trail 6.5km
– Springbok Trail 3.5km

Get close to the flora on the game reserve and discover the 3 different kinds of vegetation types: StrandveldRenosterveld and Weskus Savannah.

The primary habitat type is Saldanha Flats Strandveld. This habitat consists of a shrubland with few trees and a moderately tall shrub layer. There is a showy display of bulb plants and annual herbaceous plants in the spring.

Cost: R50 pp | People staying in lodge enjoy the trails for FREE.

Nature trails
Nature trails
Nature trails

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