We are open 7 days a week

Check-in / Check-out times

Check-in can only be guaranteed from 14:00 onwards
Check-out is at 10:00 strictly, unless otherwise arranged with management


The guest is responsible for arranging insurance cover for medical emergency evacuations. In the event of a medical emergency evacuation all costs will be the sole responsibility of the guest. Guests that take chronic prescription medicine should ensure that they have an adequate supply for the duration of their stay.


Thali Thali Game lodge accepts no liability for injury, loss, accident, delay or any other irregularity howsoever occasioned.


Travel Insurance is recommended, covering for personal effects, personal accident, medical and emergency travel expenses, cancellation and curtailment as the reservation will be subject to cancellation penalties (see general cancellation policy).


All reservations are made on the express condition that Thali Thali Game Lodge, and its staff, owners and agents shall not be responsible for and shall be exempt from all liability in respect of any loss, damage or accident, delay or inconvenience to any person, or his luggage or other property.

The guest/s undertake and agrees that he/she will at all times comply with Thali Thali Game Lodge requirements with regards to their conduct and will not in any way constitute a nuisance to other persons/guests. Should a guest be detected in any contravention of any law or should the guest be a nuisance to any of Thali Thali Game Lodge staff or other guests, Thali Thali Game Lodge may order the guest to leave without refunding any monies paid and without liability to Thali Thali Game Lodge or its staff, owners or agents.

General Reserve/Lodge rules
  • No pets are allowed
  • No feeding of wild animals
  • Please do not litter
  • Please do not leave any water in the guest’s bathrooms running
  • Please adhere to the speed limits on the roads.
  • No diving into the pool
  • No smoking – Please ask the lodge staff where you are permitted to smoke.
  • Guests will be held liable for any damage/loss of any propery of Thali Thali Game Lodge. Replacement and/or repair cost will be for the account of the guest.
  • All children must be under their parents supervision at all times. Parents hereby assume full responsibility for their children in the event of an accident, or drowning or physical injury to their child. In the event of any accident or drowning or physical injury to any guest whether it be a Adult or child, Thali Thali Game Lodge, its owners, staff or agents will not be liable under any circumstances for any claim.

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